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TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures #16
  • TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures #16


    RELEASES AUG 28TH, 2024

    The universe's greatest criminal organization has been made aware of a new planet to exploit: the primitive backwater known as Earth! Before the Pantheon can move in and start profiting, though, they must get the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles out of their way. Kidnapping and ensnaring the Turtles in a brainwashing simulation seems easy enough... until Mikey manages to break free. Now all he has to do is rescue his brothers from the Pantheon's influence, figure out where they've been taken, and find a way to send these career criminals packing... No biggie, right? This is the end of the arc, so be sure you don't miss the finale of the Pantheon's introduction to Saturday Morning Adventures!

    NM 9.2-9.8

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