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Power Ninja Toons The Last Ronin #3 Ngu Homage Variant

Power Ninja Toons The Last Ronin #3 Ngu Homage Variant


Homage cover by Sean Forney

Each cover will be numbered

Shipping mid April 2022


What is Power Ninja Toons?


It is a tale as old as time, spanning intergalactic landscapes full of shock and awe. Bear witness as our heroes are thrust into multiple confrontations where the balance of all that exist rides on the outcome of every battle. A Multiple mix of heroic and charismatic characters from all over the world of entertainment can be enjoyed in just this one book. The One-Shot parody speaks for itself, a fun, fan favorite, must have enjoyable read. It’s like those giant-sized summer specials we all remember and love so much from years gone by. A power grab of titanic proportion centering around all your favorite characters, well, sort of… Who’s really who and what’s really what? Join us in this mad cap parody extravaganza that’s sure to answer all of your questions and leave you guessing “What’s wrong with these people?!?”

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